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Judy Marlow 


        Public Relations/Board of Trustees

   ReneMarie Language of Love Foundation, Inc.

       501(c)3 Organization for Stroke/Aphasia


     ReneMarie Language of Love Telethons

 Executive Booking Agent/ Co-Host, Speakers & Entertainers

 ReneMarie Stroke of Luck TV Shows/Podcasts/Telethon.




Judy Marlow, Executive Director of Public Relations/Board Member, 501(c)3 Organization for Stroke and Aphasia,  Executive Co-Exclusive Producer for ReneMarie Language of Love Telethons, Executive Booking Agent/Co-Host of ReneMarie Stroke of Luck Shows has a strong passion for bringing Stroke and Aphasia to the public due to her beloved Dad's Hemorrhagic Stroke in 1998. The only apparent signs were his swollen ankles, as he failed to mention weeks of a severe headache. The other signs of facial droop, uneven smile, numbness, arm weakness, slurred or incoherent speech were not apparent in the hours prior to his stroke. Judy herself was educated on recognizing and acting on the devastating paralyzing long term results of stroke and she spent six hours per day for three years and three months caring for her Dad till he passed in 2001. 


ReneMarie's Language of Love Foundation was Judy's answer to bringing Stroke and Aphasia Awareness to the public thru the Foundation and Telethon and has served with ReneMarie Language of Love Foundation for the past 10 years and continues to do so bringing faith, hope, love and compassion to all.




Judy Marlow has forty plus years experience encompassing Sales, Sales Promotion, Public Relations and Human Resources within the corporate environment and the retainer/contingency consulting business. During  retirement she has been an Activist for Health Care Reform, Assistant District Governor in Rotary District 7260 (now 7255), Public Relations Coordinator and Chairman of the Rotary Speakers Bureau, as well as a Global Mission Representative for the Arumdaun Church and a Elected Library Trustee for the Smithtown Special Library. She has been active in Rotary, Elks, Historical Society. Judy was a contestant in the Senior America Pageant, where she jazz danced to the music from Chicago (Roxie)...later called back to be a judge at the 2012 Pageant, and has studied and performed stand-up comedy at the leading comedy clubs of Long Island, acted in several local plays, and is Manager for her husband Andrew who Performs as ELVIS, and is featured in his shows as Priscilla. Judy was named and awarded a Good Will Ambassador Of The Year (1980) by the Long Island Association of Commerce and Industry, and has received various Outstanding Service Awards from The Arumdaun Church, The Long Island Chapter of The National Association of Accountants, The American Business Women's Association, Baldwin Rotary presented her with the Paul Harris Fellow Award from the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International in 2001, and Judy received the Edward J. Brown Memorial Award from the Long Island Employment Agency Council in November of 1980. Judy received her CPC Designation from the National Association of Personal Consultants in June, 1980. 


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