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Diane Bromberg- Stern   

RenéMarie Language of Love Foundation INC Board Member 

Diane Bromberg-Stern started the Senior Resource Group almost 12 years ago.  While working at Sunrise Senior Living, she realized that families were always seeking out referrals for their senior family members.  So, along with a small group of senior healthcare professionals, the Senior Resource Group was born.


Diane’s entrepreneurial skills were strong for most of her life.  From her National Gourmet Gift Basket Business, and her “How To Start Your Own Gift Basket Business Book and Video,” she helped over 800 women start their own gift basket business.  At that time, being Nominated for the Working Woman’s Entrepreneurial Excellence Award was a great achievement for Diane. Diane has also been featured in numerous national publications such as FIRST for Women Magazine, Gourmet Business Magazine, Gift Basket Review Magazine, the Record and an Associated Press story that ran in newspapers from coast to coast!

Networking has been the driving force behind Diane as an entrepreneur. In talking about her business, she mostly talks about networking and bringing people together and helping others with referrals.  “Connecting people with people is what Diane does best” said Michele DeRogatis from Chefs for Seniors!  “People who have worked with Diane say they admire her ability to network with so many people and bring together business opportunities for everyone” Michele said.



Sue Ahlers, from Milford Manor and Lakeview at Complete Care said “She knows the value of communicating and keeping in contact with people, and it always comes back to her tenfold! I love being part of the Senior Resource Group and all the events that Diane organizes!”  “She is a networking force to be reckoned with” said ReneMarie Testa! “She just never stops networking!”


Karen Miller, from Sunrise Senior Living in Wayne said “If you are looking for Senior Services in North Jersey, Diane is your “go-to” gal.  If she doesn’t know them already (and changes are, she does) she will by the end of the week!” 


Diane lives in Pines Lake in Wayne with her amazing husband, Fred.  Gardening is a passion for both of them.  She and has two daughters and 4 beautiful granddaughters and one cute little puppy named Pepper! 

Diane Bromberg-Stern, President

Senior Resource Group of NJ


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