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Cathy Walker ( Honorary )

Phone Bank Executive Coordinator

ReneMarie Language of Love  Board Member

Cathy loves "love". She is a caring and compassionate woman. She shows this through her personal and professional life. She had worked for the same organization for 34 years....


She previously works for a company that serves people with severe cognitive and physical disabilities. She gets fulfillment knowing that she makes a difference in these people's lives. There is no dollar amount that can substitute for this feeling. She has also been with her husband ( Bobby Baby Walker) for 25 years and married for 19 of those years. Cathy can count on one hand her "friends". Friend is a relationship that she holds dear. Cathy has many acquaintances, but her friends are as serious a relationship as her husband is.


Cathy is loyal and trustworthy, attributes she looks for in other relationships. It is Cathy's pleasure to be asked to be on the Language of Love Board of Directors  as it will continue to fulfill her need to help others. Cathy also enjoys quiet nights at home watching her favorite television shows. She is a spiritual person and has a faith that can get her through low moments. It is also this faith that allows her to be the loving, compassionate woman that she is.

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