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Be on the Show!

Everyone has an inspiring story and we would love to hear yours!

Everyone has an Inspiring story and we would love to hear yours! 

Always in search of of special guest who have a connection or personally experienced a  Stroke, Aphasia and / or Brian Injury. As well as Medical / Health  Professional, Motivation Stories / Coaches , Uplifting Entertainers and discussion on Faith.    

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Contact : Judy Marlow

Executive Stroke of Luck Booking Agent 

Executive Director of Publicity , Language of Love Foundation & Telethon



Be on the Show!


Thank you for your interest in ReneMarie's Stroke of Luck Show Sunday Morning Podcast! We are excited to have you as our special guest and look forward to confirming your date!


ReneMarie is a seasoned and talented Podcast Host who makes everyone feel comfortable during the show. Rene and I do a beautiful job of pulling together two or three like minded professionals and and move the conversation around in a very smooth fashion all while promoting each guest's business/mission/story.


I also do the back end work pre- interview and writes up the press. 

I'm Executive Director of Public Relations/Board Member, Co-Exclusive Producer, ReneMarie Language of Love Telethons, Executive Booking Agent/Co-Host, ReneMarie Stroke of Luck Shows.


Jim Savalli is our Executive Technical Director of Village Connection Network/Rockstar Studios and a member of our Board of Directors of ReneMarie Language of Love Foundation.


The ReneMarie Stroke of Luck Show is approximately one hour long and together with Village Connection Network/Rockstar Studios, the show broadcasts via Zoom on Facebook Live. The Podcast goes viral on social media world wide before with press and and after it aires each guest receives a video of the show, allowing them to use it for their own advertising purposes. The Rewind goes up with in approximately 48 hours of our broadcast.

A recap of the podcast will also be featured on ReneMarie's Language of Love Website, and my facebook pages and over 45 group pages I participate in.


Prior to the ReneMarie Stroke of Luck Show you will receive a very complimentary and lengthy press release with all of your information as well as a professional flyer which will feature your photo, your business/personal information along with the date and time of the Podcast. You can then forward this flyer to your colleagues, friends and family!


This press release will also go out to the very lengthy Stroke of Luck e-mail list, as well as be on the ReneMarie Stroke of Luck Website.


This is an amazing promotional package, and with a little creativity on your part, you can use this podcast video, press release and flyer long after the broadcast show is over.


The Stroke of Luck Show Promotional Podcast Package is only $145.00 for all of the above!

Please make your check out to ReneMarie Language of Love Foundation a 501(c)3 organization...and your check can be written on a W9 form which is always available if required.


We are looking forward to featuring you on our show and look forward to any questions you might have.




Judy Marlow

Executive Director of Public Relations/Board Member

ReneMarie Language of Love Foundation

Co-Exclusive Producer

ReneMarie Language of Love Telethons

Executive Booking Agent/Co-Host

ReneMarie Stroke of Luck Shows


phone: 631-864-6340...Note  ELVIS recording on phone: Husband is an ELVIS Impersonator, I'm his Manager

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