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I’M Bernie McDavitt ,PHN of Wanaque, N.J. & Board Member of RM LOL 501c3 Foundation. I’m so proud and happy to assist in spreading the valuable message of the foundation and being involved in prevention of dread disabling Cerebral Vascular Accidents and associated Aphasia in particular..


Rene Marie and LOL Foundation have worked tirelessly, for the last Five years with fundraising projects, producing telethons & provided a very important voice for many victims & families who have been traumatized. Rene in particular, is dedicated, focused, and so generous with her time and efforts to ease financial demands associated with the essential rehabilitation. She is open and responsive to every possibility of providing assistance to those impacted and to promote awareness.


It is with Awareness in mind that I will repeat the primary measures of emergency treatment. STROKE is an EMERGENCY.

1. Recognize the  s/s of stroke ACT FAST Face (smile?droop) Arms(1 Arm drift)

Speech ( repeat a simple sentence-slur or  strange?) Time is essential!

2. Call 911 Get to the closest emergency Room preferably a stroke center. Treatment with a Tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) can be provided in the first 3-4 hours after symptom onset. A clot buster can be used if there is a clot in the Brain.It can reverse brain tissue damage.  Early diagnosis is key.

Keys to Prevention:

BP checks as often as possible, take medication as ordered & keep records,

Report abnormal findings to your Dr.

Have Physical Exams, lab tests,etc. as Dr.recommends.

Maintain a healthy Diet & exercise.

Remember Tomatoes and Fish 2-5 times a wk.have been proven to prevent Stroke.

Have Carotids checked for abn. Or request periodic Ultrasound as your Dr. prescribes. Private-Pay Lifeline Screening Programs are also available in Eastern USA-Search online.

You are your best practitioner.

Bernadett Liscio McDavitt RN 

PHN  Wanaque New Jersey

Language of Love Foundation Inc Board Member

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