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Michael Angelo Garci ( Honorary )  

Owner/Producer/Director There You Have It Music and Video Productions, and Hyperspace Records.

Language of Love Telethon Executive Productions Video 

ReneMarie Language of Love Foundation INC Board Member 


It has been a busy life: 20 year Stroke Survivor, Caregiver for Elderly Stroke Survivor, Founder/Producer/Director


I met ReneMarie some 7 years ago through our mutual friend ~ Bobby Baby Walker. I heard ReneMarie's story  and shared it with Tommy Maher , Host of the Maverick Soul Hour.


 Tommy Invited ReneMarie to be a Special Guest on his Show. During the interview , they spoke of many things- one included was the inception of the  Language of Love Annual Telethon , where ReneMarie , off the cuff,  invited Tommy Maher to be Master of Ceremony - I remember it clearly- "Tommy said Possibly". 


ReneMarie took that "possibly" as a wink from GOD - where  an opportunity to have found a location, home and Master of Ceremony  for her 1ST Annual Telethon.


Before leaving the Broadcasting Studio - Tommy invited ReneMarie to their NEW Madhouse TV Studio to sit down and meet about the Language of Love Telethon.  Bobby "Baby" Walker , ReneMarie and I arrived at the NEW STUDIO - it was beautiful! We - ( Tommy Maher, Janie Zarrilli, Tom & Vickie Mele- owners of the Studio)  -   all went into the conference room.


As ReneMarie was talking to Tommy about her Visions of the Telethon- Bobby Baby Walker- was talking to Vickie about Doing a weekly Show! That's how "ReneMarie stroke of Luck" and Language of Love Telethon got started &  the beginning of a  wonderful journey  -  "THERE YOU HAVE IT"

There You Have It Media Group, Producer- Editor Hyperspace Records. Michael has 30+ years as a Producer/Editor with extensive TV, Cable and Internet Broadcast experience including camera operations, audio and lighting. Clients have included The City of New York, Crosswalks TV (Broadcast Coordinator, Editor) Music Video Distributors (MVD), FUEL Video, ELIM International Fellowship,, JP Morgan/Chase, William Patterson University, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and Kraft Foods

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