Annual Language of Love Telethon 

A Stroke can happen to anyone, at any age, even an unborn baby!


Did you know 15 million people suffer from stroke worldwide each year – 5 million die and another 5 million are permanently disabled. 

Stroke is the 5th leading cause of death and 1st leading cause of disability in the United States. On average someone in the USA has a stroke every 40 seconds.


These are devastating statistics! Strokes don’t only happen to our Grandparents!

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Aphasia is a "silent" life changing effect of stroke or brain trauma!


Do you know what Aphasia is? A condition characterized by either partial or total loss of the ability to communicate verbally or using written words.


Due to brain trauma, injury or Stroke, a person with Aphasia may have difficulty speaking, reading, writing, recognizing names of objects or understanding what people have said.


Can you imagine? 

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8th Annual Language of Love Telethon 

October 2, 2021 9 AM - 3PM

Broadcast on Worldwide Internet TV and Social Media

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Mark McEwen, Author of Change In The Weather -Life After Stroke
Kimon Bekelis
Gabrielle and Gary Bachers
Patti G Foster
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Nicole Yeates
Dr. Jim Henry
Brooke Allen ~ Stroke Survivor
Jason Wallen
Marianne & Joe Silva (In Loving Memory and Honoring Marianne)
Eric Haft
Fr. Sam Monaco
Zach - Grandson of PapaJoe De Clemente
Richard Libman - Neurologist
Mia Rose, Tribute to health care workers
Tony Caggiano
Joyful Noise - Charlie & Marie Stronconi
Ann Fisher - In Loving Memory
Jimmy Savalli - Village Connection Network
Brucester Billings
Art Bram
Michael Evangel, - Super Mike Show
Andrew G Ratway ~Elvis Tribute Artist
Karen Trento - Background Specialist
Must Be Dreaming
Virginia M. Werner
John Prussen and Lee Ann Brill
Stevie GB
Florence Hechtel
Catherine Szerszen
Stevie GB - The World's Funniest accountant
Nancy Magrini - Cavallone - Board of Trustee
Nate Moran - professional mime
Lee Ann
Knowledge is POWER
Alicia Moss
Kelli Grim
Iris Astrof
Tina Hanley
Attorney James F. Leonick
Bobby Baby Walker - Stroke Survivor
Ms. Charlotte Warner Ambrose
Lori Haber Social Media &  David Samuel Bloch
Maureen Griffin -
PapaJoe De Clemente
Marianne & Joe Silva (In Loving Memory and Honoring Marianne)