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James J. Savalli   

RenéMarie Language of Love Foundation INC Board Member 

James J. Savalli, Executive Board Member, ReneMarie Language of Love Foundation Inc.

President of Village Connection Network/Rockstar Studios ...Northport and Huntington, New York ... with 30 years experience in marketing and media. Known for his cutting edge new ways of attracting customers and clients. Publisher of Village Connection Magazine for over 22 years, inviting readers to appreciate all that the community has to offer with world-class dining, shipping, history, art, nightlife and so much more. President and Sales Manager of Village Network Coupons which are digital, sharable and mobile giving numerous communities great savings with restaurants and merchandise purchases. 


Jim is an On air Personality of Village Connection Radio and Studio Technician for a wide variety of TV shows including ReneMarie Stroke of Luck Shows. Jim has served as Studio Technician for ReneMarie for the last 4 plus years.


Previous background as an Electronic  Warfare Specialist, US Navy...September 1983 thru September 1987...Electronic Warfare Technician (EW) operating and conducting preventive maintenance on computer controlled electronic equipment used for detection, analysis, and identification of radar emissions. Operated systems that produce high-power electronic signals used to deceive and jam enemy electronic senors, including those associated with electronically guided weapons. EWs are responsible for interpreting incoming electronic signals to determining  their source and location.

ReneMarie is honored to have Jim Savalli appointed to our distinguished Board of Directors.

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