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Sharon Bean

American Stroke Assocation

E V E N T S​


Thank you all for your passionate support for stroke survivors, caregivers and the community, and a special thank you for your continued support of the American Stroke Association through the telethon and the Stroke of Luck program.  We are so fortunate to have partners like the ReneMarie Language of Love Foundation for Stroke and Aphasia Awareness and each one of you.  You work so incredibly hard to make a difference in our world and I am humbled by how generously you share the results of your hard work with the ASA. 

Wishing you continued great success!

Best Regards,

Sharon Bean


Sharon Bean - American Stroke Assocation

National Team Lead, East

Individual Giving – Mission Advancement

MAY 3, 2020

May 5, 2019
6th Annual Telethon


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