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Catherine Szerszen photo.jpg

Catherine Szerszen

Connecticut Ambassador  

Committee Member for Connecticut Outreach and Publications 

Event / Telethon Team Committee Member

Catherine’s grandmother suffered a stroke at 73 years old and she was left with right-sided weakness.  Her speech was not impaired, but she did receive treatment for the residual loss of strength. Her mother, at age 70, also suffered a stroke diagnosed as a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack).  She was sitting in her car when it happened.  Catherine recalled that she drove home and complained of feeling very dizzy, lightheaded and was disoriented.  She was taken to the Emergency Room and diagnosed with a TIA. She was given medications and never experienced another event after her initial TIA. 


Nate Moran -   Professional Mime.jpg

Nate Moran

Pennsylvania Ambassador  

Committee Member for  Outreach  

Event / Telethon Team Committee Member

My name is Nate Moran and I was once a homeless veteran on the streets of NYC. For two years I slept in doorways, park benches, trains and subways. Anywhere I felt safe from the dangers of the streets......... 

From the time I was in second grade, winning a chocolate bunny for dancing in school I kept my love of dancing my whole life. I was inspired by Bill Robinson, the Nicholas Brothers, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and Gregory Hines , just to name a few. Being raised by my grandmother, her and I always had the love of the art of dancing between us. Together with my sister and my mother we would dance in the living room and enjoy our lives.  I went into the service in 1979 and two tours in Germany. 



Charlotte Ambrose

Michigan Ambassador 

Committee Member for Michigan Outreach and Publications 

Event / Telethon Team Committee Member

  All his life, Tom ( Charlotte's husband)  was passionate about his participation in sports, particularly golf and softball. He participated in Award winning Senior Softball traveling teams. The last 10 years of his life were filled with a multitude of disappointing appointments with physicians who misdiagnosed the “BASILAR ARTERY” problem. The Basilar artery is the main blood source for your cerebellum (movement control) running up the back of your neck.  The local primary doctors in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the physicians at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan and the physicians at Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota all sadly missed his diagnosis when he claimed he didn’t have a problem sitting but movement caused instability.


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