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Charlotte Ambrose 

Committee Member for Outreach and Publications 

Event / Telethon Team Committee Member 

Michigan Ambassador   

Charlotte Werner Ambrose has devoted her life to promote, enhance, empower and reveal artistic consciousness to all who cross her path. She views the universe as her classroom with nature providing her with a colorful palette. During her 27 ½ year professional art instructor career she has touched the lives, held the hands and hearts of 6,000 + public school children in California, Indiana and Michigan.

Charlotte feels her experience in the Pageantry World is so very rewarding and heartwarming. As we age somehow we have fewer opportunities to have the world view us in a positive light. I noticed the sparkle return to some of my fellow finalist’s eyes with a new bounce in their step. Come to think of it, I noticed it return to mine. I’m so grateful there are amazing women in this world who really care about others.

Charlotte married the love of her life, Thomas Ambrose, a United States Navy Fleet Marine Force Medical Corpsman in 1956. Doc Ambrose served his country bravely for 4 yrs. (1949-1953). Two of them he gave medical attention on the front lines of the killing field of Korea to the marines of H-3-5 Mortar Unit.

Following Charlotte’s graduation, they moved to California and after a year settled in Indiana where she continued her formal education at Purdue and the University of Michigan earning her Master of Arts degree while balancing family’s needs and a teaching career.

Little did they know their dreams for a healthy retirement years later would be shattered by many misdiagnosed causes for his deliberating loss of stability.  All his life, Tom was passionate about his participation in sports, particularly golf and softball. He participated in Award winning Senior Softball traveling teams. The last 10 years of his life were filled with a multitude of disappointing appointments with physicians who misdiagnosed the “BASILAR ARTERY” problem. The Basilar artery is the main blood source for your cerebellum (movement control) running up the back of your neck.  The local primary doctors in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the physicians at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan and the physicians at Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota all sadly missed his diagnosis when he claimed he didn’t have a problem sitting but movement caused instability.


Emerging from a welfare and single parent environment, Charlotte proved her industriousness by starting her sign business in her freshman year of high school. She became the first in her family to attend college with multiple scholarships. In 1957 she graduated from Wayne State University earning a B.S. ART Education degree. Charlotte continued her formal education at Purdue and the University of Michigan earning her Masters of Arts degree while balancing family’s needs and teaching career.

Charlotte’s teaching awards include: National ART Educator of the Year 1985 from the National Art Education Association: Michigan Art Educator of the Year 1984 from the Michigan Art Education Association; Teacher of the Year 1976 from the Sparta Education Association; Outstanding Secondary Teacher 1974 from the Michigan Art Education Association; and United Teachers of North Kent Distinguished Service Award 1974.

Wishing to encourage confidence and inspire novice art teachers after her successful teaching experiences she co-authored a book, “How to teach smART Anyway.”  Charlotte produced and demonstrated  art lesson’s on her GRTV Program, “ Charlotte’s Imagine Nation “ to encourage life- long leaning for elders. Her 10,000 + hours of volunteer service to her community included a myriad of organizations.

The Kent County Rotary International honored her as the first woman president in Kent County.           The National Teachers Hall of Fame awarded her with a certificate of Recognition in 1988.                        In August of 1999 the City of Wyoming, Michigan honored her as one of 10 women who made a significant contribution to the city over the last 40 years. That same year Alpine Township adopted a resolution to salute her leadership example and community service. For 40 years Alpine Township has proudly  utilized and displayed the Logo Charlotte created for her Township .

Charlotte was a Teacher in Space applicant and in 1988 NASA considered her for an artistic commission before funding was reduced. As a practicing artist she received over 150 first place awards in California, Indiana and Michigan. As a Senior Games Olympian, she earned over 100 + medals around the nation . A late in life film and thespian career expanded to acting in over 125 various major and minor theatre productions and cinematography roles.


Good evening Rene Marie,


This painting was created in 1967. My 5 year old Jessica Lynn Ambrose left our home on a hunt for our Christmas tree with her father Tom Ambrose, sister Charisse Marie and her brother Thomas Joseph Ambrose ll. They joyfully returned with a large family tree. My son with a perfectly formed 2 foot tree and my Jessica  proudly carried in this twig and announced her prize to me. Her tree melted my artist's heart. I'm sending this image to you and everyone wrapped in Love. My son asked " Mommy aren't you going to paint my tree ? I thought for a moment and began to paint his normal tree but to make it special I asked him to lean over my shoulder before I completed the painting of his tree with many gorgeous red reflective bulbs. I painted " OUR " reflection in every red bulb on the tree and wrapped that one in love as well. At the age of 58 ,Jessica informed me that the painting is her Christmas Tree in her home from now on.


Enjoy the New Year in good health and happiness.

Love, Charlotte

Ms Super Senior Michigan USA 2020-2021

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