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Founder & President 

RenéMarie herself had a Stroke at the age of 26 and suffered from Aphasia, a condition characterized by either partial or total loss of the ability to communicate verbally or using written words. Due to brain trauma, injury or Stroke, a person with Aphasia may have difficulty speaking, reading, writing, recognizing names....


kelli grim.jpg

Kelli Grim

Executive Board Treasure &  Fundraising Director

Kelli Grim's Mother has suffered a stroke as well as dementia and Kelli is solving problems of distance (mother lives in another state), caregiving and medical assistance issues.




Judy Marlow 

Executive Director of Public Relations

Judy Marlow has a strong passion for bringing Stroke and Aphasia to the public due to her beloved Dad's Hemorrhagic Stroke in 1998. The only apparent signs were his swollen ankles, as he failed to mention weeks of a severe headache.  Judy herself was educated on recognizing and acting on the devastating paralyzing long term results of stroke and she spent six hours per day for three years and three months caring for her Dad till he passed in 2001. 


Cathy , Bobby Walker and Bobby 2.jpg

Robert Walker

Board  of Trustee ( Honorary )

Bobby Baby Walker, (4) time Stroke Survivor, Board Member of ReneMarie Language of Love Foundation Inc, a 501(c)3 Organization for Stroke and Aphasia Awareness is a versatile singer/performer who specializes in "old school" songs of the 50's, 60's, 70's Rock and Roll, R &  B and Motown hits....


Virginia .jpg

Virginia M. Werner

Trustee Secretary

In 2009 Virginia suffered a small stroke/aphasia and while she was extremely lucky to not have any residual physical issues, the aphasia left her with some insecurity about her clarity of speech.  At that time she was unaware of the various forms that stroke could take thinking it would only manifest as a large seizure and so did not realize that she had been having issues for two days prior to going to the hospital for diagnosis.



Fr. Samuel Monaco

Board of Trustee - Faith Support

I am honored to be a part of Rene's "dream team" in support of her initiative to draw greater awareness and provide sustenance to all individuals and families impacted by the reality of a suffered stroke or aphasia. 



Vice  President 

Jean's Mother suffered two strokes. Jean worked with her with photographs however she couldn't really remember and recognize a lot of people ... she had trouble with her words and her writing . She could write but then she could never really read her own writing. This is why Jean relates with ReneMarie's......


Cathy , Bobby Walker and Bobby 2.jpg

Cathy Walker  

Board  of Trustee-( Honorary )

Cathy is loyal and trustworthy, attributes she looks for in other relationships. It is Cathy's pleasure to be asked to be on the Language of Love Board of Directors  as it will continue to fulfill her need to help others.  READ MORE 


Nancy Magrini - Cavallone

Board of Trustee   & Fundraising Director           

 We all have a story to share one way or another. Understanding  what can happen, what to expect, ways of preventing this disease whether you or a loved one. For me personally  as a Stroke survivor, it has given me get pleasure and a calmness  to  be able to share and understand  even more .




Bernie Mc Davitte

Board  of Trustee  - Public Health Nurse 

I’M Bernie McDavitt ,PHN of Wanaque, N.J. I’m so proud and happy to assist in spreading the valuable message of the foundation and being involved in prevention of dread disabling Cerebral Vascular Accidents and associated Aphasia in particular.. Rene Marie and LOL Foundation have worked tirelessly, producing telethons & provided a very important voice for many victims & families who have been traumatized.


michael Angelo-001.jpg

Michael Angelo Garcia 

Board  of Trustee Executive Productions Video

It has been a busy life: 20 year Stroke Survivor, Caregiver for Elderly Stroke Survivor, Founder/Producer/Director....



Alicia Moss

Board  of Trustee -Executive Director of the Latin/ Spanish  Branch"

Alicia would like to bring awareness and support to the Latino community which is at high risk of having strokes. She hopes awareness will come from discussions on the show in Spanish as well as English.  Alicia looks forward to being able to reach out to the Spanish speaking community and provide needed information that perhaps can even save some lives.


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