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October 15, 2016 - Stroke of Luck - Internet TV Show

"Together... Lifting our Voices"  -Milestone  Celebration Event 

Mark your Calendar
October 13, 2016 - The Cosmopolitan, Wayne New Jersey 
"I HAD A DREAM" -Milestone  Celebration Event

On October 13, 2011 - I had a Dream!


As I had previously been invited to Speak, Sing and provide a Testimonial at the Adeler Aphasia Center, Maywood, New Jersey. 


My intention was to bring HOPE ~ you can recover from a Stroke and Aphasia.

It's a new road... but how BLESSED we are to be able to travel it! 


The marvelous and loving Founder of the Center, Elaine Adler was so kind to give me a tour around the facility. She spoke with such a passion and shared with me the operational background of running the Adler Aphasia Center. Elaine's husband (equally as kind) Michael Adler, suffered a Stroke, and was the inspiration and Co- Founder. 


As we were touring this vibrant and loving Center - I got inspired!


We need to have a Telethon!


As we all know in life that Dreams and Vision have a life of their own. We need to follow the evolution, stay the course and do the work.


The seed was planted and I had an inner knowing that it was my responsibility to bring awareness to Strokes and Aphasia. - How could I not feel that way? I have been gifted with a second chance at life! 


Plus, once I became aware of my calling - there was NO looking back! I'll let you in on a secret, if you know me - I was totally humbled and honored to have been given this calling! Even if I had to ~ suffer a major Stroke - I understood that I had to walk in my Stroke and Aphasia Family's footsteps to understand - The devastating and life changing effects of a Stroke. 


That's what fuels me!


On October 13, 2011 I had my first Fund Raiser and shared my Dream and Vision! 


2011- The Language of Love- Aphasia / Telethon Awareness


I truly believe that God planted that seed in my soul and over the evolution has blessed my work with Earth Angles. 


YOU- Earth Angels have passionately joined with me to not only create our Annual Language of Love Telethon but to .....


  • Publish  -  Stroke of Luck Book

  • Create  RenéMarie Language of Love Foundation Inc. 501(C)3

  • Stroke of Luck Internet TV Show

  • Partners with the American Stroke Association

  • And so much more.

Our culture is -


we are lifting the voices of Strokes and Aphasia Locally and Around the Globe.



The Long Term Vision of The Language of Love Foundation, Telethon and Stroke of Luck Internet TV Show - is to join the WORLD TOGETHER in Stroke and Aphasia Awareness through kindness and pure love. We pride ourselves on being authentic with spreading LOVE in the way that we encounter all who cross our paths. Our Vision is having   enormous impact and reducing the number of Strokes, as as well as reducing the number of deaths, disabilities and bring HOPE to ALL.



 If you are on this email and/or reading this - THANK YOU- because you are a part of our Family! We could have not achieved the successes that we have without your support and TRUE LOVE.


We are in the process of booking Exciting Entertainment and putting together a Celebration that you will not want to miss! (Plus a few Surprise and Gift Baskets)


As Walt Disney States:

If you can Dream it, you can do it!



We are proud to say... We have far exceeded our  Dreams.


Be sure to Mark your calendar and Join us - On October 15, 2016

we are going to come together to...Celebrate the Milestone of  the past 5 years ,  layout our Visions for the Next 5 years and talk about our evolving Legacy! 


Many Blessings.... 




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