Helping Families to Feel Safe, Healthy, and Educated through Health Education and Health Promotion.


Life’s Next Chapter Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization devoted to helping families through health education and health promotion programs. We are a group of public health educators dedicated to developing different projects to assist families to feel safe, healthy, and educated.

We are leveraging our knowledge and expertise to make a difference in the community by implementing educational programs to prevent illness and disease and help individuals adopt healthy behaviors. We will bring together different community partners and resources in assisting to meet certain needs of the population that we serve by providing access to and information about the community services that will cater to the specific need of our community.

Lastly, we will create educational and community-based programs that will encourage and enhance health wellness and awareness related to chronic diseases, injury and violence, mental/behavioral health, substance abuse, nutritional, physical activity, and many more. These educational and community-based programs will be held in schools, worksites, health care facilities, and communities.

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