Ann Agueli- Founder -Inspiring Caregivers 

Partner/ Expert Caregiver ~ ReneMarie Language of Love Foundation  INC.

 "I did not choose writing; writing chose me. Writing is my soul mate."


  You and I are probably a lot alike. Being a caregiver is not for the faint of heart, and if you tried to recall, you probably don't remember signing up for it. You just stepped up to the role. As a freelance writer with a life coaching certification, divine care giver, and advocate for elders, I combine the arenas of care giving and aging with personal development, divinity, and spirituality. I teach care givers and their elders how to tap into the divinity within through my writings, experience, and journaling exercises. Caregiving and aging is a spiritual journey; one for which you have been chosen. Through my segment, "Pearls of Wisdom," I co-create the possibility for elders to transform back into the contributions that they are by sharing their life stories and the wisdom that is theirs and theirs alone to impart

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