Fulvio Cecere is an actor with over 200 TV and Film Credits spanning a career over 33 years. He is also a Director and Producer spending his time between New York, Toronto, Vancouver and LA.

350 Days documentary Director Fulvio Cecere

Trailer: https://bit.ly/2EdM9Ae


He is proud to be part of the Language of Love Foundation INC & Telethon as Vice President and Executive Board Member.

Fulvio Cecere

Vice President ReneMarie Language of Love Foundation INC.

Happy 5th Anniversary to Rene Marie's Language of Love Foundation! What a milestone! It was Rene's vision, determination and goal to make this happen. She has worked tiredlessly to make this come true. From a simple idea to spread the word about Aphasia to actual telethons raising money for it. I'm proud of Rene and proud to be a board member for this important cause. Looking forward to the next five years

350 DAYS will be released April 2nd!


Congratulations, to Fulvio Cecere "VP ReneMarie Language of Love Foundation Inc"


"350 Days documentary Director  Fulvio Cecere"



Trailer: https://bit.ly/2EdM9Ae


We are so Proud of you!!!


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What do legends like Bret Hart have to say about 350 Days?




 “350 Days” peels back the curtain on the severe toll pro wrestlers endured on the road 350 days a year, a toll on their bodies, families, and psyches.

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